HSI Reflection Post

For me, the main lessons from this class that will stick with me will be mostly about photography because I didn’t take too much interest in the blogging aspect of this class. From my animal science class, I’m going to remember the lab work most of all because that’s what intrigued me the most. My favorite memories from HSI include going to medicine bow, and just chillin with my buddies. I don’t think I’ve grown too much as a person here but I’ve definitely seen the improvement on quality of life when not looking at my phone 24/7. I have also definitely become more independent. HSI prepared me for college by informing me on classes, scholarships, and gave me the freedom on campus I will have when I’m in college. If I were to re live HSI I would talk to more people a lot earlier on in the camp. I’m going to tell my friends that this camp needs to only be 2 weeks instead of 3 and that the last week was terrible, But otherwise it was pretty fun.

Book Banning Discussion

The book “And Tango Makes Three” was a very interesting book to me. It was about two boy penguins who decided to be a couple but then found out they couldn’t lay an egg but eventually a zookeeper got one for them to raise as their own. A few reasons why I can see this book being banned or censored include homophobic viewpoints from parents or guardians, wanting to “protect” their children. An anti censorship viewpoint might include the exposure to young kids that being homosexual is A-Okay and if the child is of that sexuality, they can start to learn self acceptance and become more in tune with who they are. To me, the public library was wrong by all means to ban this book. No book should be banned for the sexual orientation of a character or characters especially if they are portrayed as animals. Out of the top ten banned books I have read 4. These are: The Color Purple, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Harry Potter series, and Huckleberry Finn. For me, no book should be banned, but only have warnings and age restrictions because if there is a book you want to read there should be no reason you cant read it.

Body Image

To me, the companies that portray the “perfect woman” are not only trying to use the woman as advertisement, but also as somewhat of a role model for women and girls to be the best that they can be through diet, exercise habits, and of course makeup brands. Now the editing that is done to the models should be stopped in my opinion because it makes the models seem too pretty to be real. What I think they should do is start using the models in their pictures but without all the digital changes. The digital changes set an unrealistic standard for women to a point where its possible for one to feel bad about themself, whereas if no editing is used, in a sense it becomes a realistic beauty standard for women.

Bojack Horseman uses next-step reality in multiple senses. For one, many of the characters in the TV show are animals, including Bojack. This is the main next step reality aspect of this show. The rest of it is pretty accurate considering the show is about a washed up reality TV star who is going downhill. The show follows his struggle and his successes in everyday life.

campus photogrophy

I didn’t take too many pictures because growing up on campus, I’ve seen most of what there is to see on campus so this time I took pictures of things that interested me or things I hadn’t seen before such as the skates.




Estimate Your Media Diet Blog Post

I’m gonna admit it. I’m pretty dependent on media throughout my daily life. Although, I’m not as dependent as some people I know. For example, I know for a fact I can make it an entire day without picking up my phone no problem and I think this is because I spend enough time outdoors that I can see the beauty in natural life minus all technology. I also feel like it has become somewhat of a habit to glance at my phone every so often because there is a constant contact aspect to it where I can talk to my friends at any time I want and being an only child in some sense it has built over time to a necessity. Out of all the media I am exposed to news is not a very big part of what I use for personally. My main source for news is the radio because I feel like it is one of the most dependent and least bias out of all of the news sources out there. If I were to make a change on my news diet I would probably read articles online and I would try to steer clear of television channels because I feel like those are the main source of fake news and untrustworthy material.

Cheyenne Field Trip

Yesterday we went to Cheyenne and toured a print shop and learned lots about the process of printing. It was very interesting because I didn’t previously know anything about the process. I also really liked seeing the old copies of newspapers from really important global events such as the Titanic, and Germany’s surrender during WWII. Also, all of the machines used to print, process and in general make the newspaper were super cool to me. I just wish the process of making the paper was better explained.


Day 4: About your online identity

We just discussed online identity and how it can affect your future and social status. The way I use social media does closely compare to the data we looked at in the sense that I use social media just about as much as everyone else. My parents don’t give me any restrictions on social media, but they do restrict my texting and calling past a certain time at night. This gives me lots of freedom to build my own online identity. For college and applying for a job, an online identity would have to look reasonably good in the sense that you’re not or at least not showing that you’re part of a satanic cult or something like that. The only way that there would be any kind of privacy concern would be if you shared anything you wouldn’t want anyone else to know. If an employer or college admission rejected you because of your online identity the only reason for it would have to be a good one, so yes I do think its okay for you to be rejected for your online identity.

Vedauwoo Trip

this was a bunch of rabbit fur which was sitting on the top of a rock. wasn’t sure what to make of it so I took a picture.

incorporates light to enhance color

pretty neat shot of my feet

lil bug thing on a dead tree uses focus and absence of color of the bark to make the chrysalis look more colorful

uses light to show the colors of the pinecone more


uses the height of the tree to create depth

has a person and incorporates leading lines with the path

uses light in a different aspect to show how it reflects off the pinecone instead of go through it

uses focus to make your eyes move around the image looking for the focus point

uses thirds as well as depth to show how high my feet are off the ground